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Gally’s Football Finishing School is a recently established (March 2016) non-profit organization whose main goal is to develop an elite group of “Total Footballers” within the 7 to 17 age group and utilizing the camaraderie, joy, positivity and confidence gained from the fine-tuning of their technical attributes to strengthen values and counteract delinquency.

The concept behind the naming of my soccer academy, "Gally’s Football Finishing School" (GFFS) stems from the fact that as a player I was always exceptional at “finishing” (goal scoring) from anywhere on the football field. As a coach I have also moulded some of the best goal scorers in Trinidad & Tobago’s football history but an important understanding from this phrase is also borrowed from the classical meaning of "Finishing school" which focuses on helping the youth defy delinquency, develop positive attitudes and behavioural characteristics while promoting order & discipline in life.