The Purpose of this Football Academy is to develop an elite group of well-trained players of the identified target age groups, giving them the opportunity to fulfil their Social, Psychological, Emotional and Physiological needs. This Football Training Academy will also assist in re-establishing our indigenous way of playing football with the proper Technique, Skills, Tactics, Organizational Structure, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Motivation, Discipline, Fair-Play, Self-Pride and National Pride.

The concept behind the naming of my soccer academy, "Gally’s Football Finishing School" (GFFS) stems from the fact that as a player I was always exceptional at “finishing” (goal scoring) from anywhere on the football field. As a coach I have also moulded some of the best goal scorers in Trinidad & Tobago’s football history but an important understanding from this phrase is also borrowed from the classical meaning of "Finishing school" which focuses on helping the youth defy delinquency, develop positive attitudes and behavioural characteristics while promoting order & discipline in life.

The GFFS shield (Logo)

The GFFS shield (logo) was designed to capture the nationalistic pride and strength that has always driven me to excel internationally as a professional footballer and for the Trinidad & Tobago’s national team. It also captures my coaching philosophy of playing a natural, indigenous “Kaisoca” style of football that I was able to effectively translate (In less than 2 years) to the Trinidad and Tobago national team that became known as the “Strike Squad”. A description of the creative inspiration behind the logo is as follows:

  • The ball represents the tool being used to achieve Goals - both on the pitch, and in life.
  • The three lines (red, white & black) forming a band around the ball represent the cosmopolitan nation in which we live, and reflects the inclusive nature of the GFFS.
  • The vertical lines at the base of the shield (red and black) represent the power/ determination which drives the ball towards its destination, power for which Everald “Gally” Cummings is well known and the design reminiscent of the unforgettable Strike Squad is also captured within this concept.
  • Est. 2016 marks the date of inception of the GFFS.
  • The line above the ball works to form the frame of a goalpost depicting the point of focus for what is to be achieved.
  • The Stars offer inspiration to participants to aim high to meet the expected high football standard of the GFFS.
  • The shield shaped logo's draws reference to the intention of the GFFS which is to defend and preserve the beautiful indigenous, artistry that is disappearing from T&T's football. "Kaisoca” is to Trinidad & Tobago’s football as “Samba” is to Brazil’s.